Made Data Solutions

With Made Data Solutions we like to make a big impact within an organization. By means of our data solutions, we look at the company and client processes with a critical eye and make sure to provide and link the right technology.

This practically means that we map out and automate complete processes and/or customer journeys. From landing pages to completely automated (mail) CRM systems that are activated at crucial moments. This can be for marketing processes, business processes or other critical business processes.

Made does not believe in one perfect system, but in a perfectly designed ecosystem. This means we independently assess processes and techniques and deliver the right solution, making sure an organization always receives the best solution tailored to its needs. There is no dependency or risk of one single system and consequently the investment will be much lower – both financially and in time.

Would you like to know more about our Data Solutions?

We believe in the power of a good and open conversation. We’d love to hear what your organization does, what it stands for and which challenges may lie ahead. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a talk, without any commitment. We’ll take it from there.

Made2know, our intelligent data platform

Thanks to our unique Made2Know platform, we retain exclusive and extensive information about various markets and branches. The Made2Know data platform is constantly updated with market, campaign and research data. These data give us exclusive information about specific markets, target audiences and products, which in turn allows us to target on a more specific level for our clients.

Happy Clients
Happy Clients

Branch data

Exclusive data from branches such as travel, care, entertainment, education and retail.
Broad Purpose


The collected data on Made2Know are used for marketing campaigns, job marketing, market research and improving new algorithms.
ML with AI


Combining Machine Learning with Artificial Intelligence, Made2Know is constantly improving its own platform.
Sales Made

Lead generation

We have generated more than 400,000 leads through Made2Know. And we couldn’t be more proud.

API Projects

We also employ Made2Know for larger projects and/or for improving certain applications that have a positive impact on the quality of people’s day-to-day life.


Combining Made2Know and the artificial intelligence of Made2Max delivers the best campaign results.
Made Data Solutions Client Case Study

To help you understand somewhat better.

The organization focuses on the philosophy of life and will from 2020 onwards create a new brand focusing on meetings within the scope of the art of living and the philosophy of everyday life. The meetings take place all over the country and for every area a regional manager is appointed. The manager is responsible for the meeting’s general organization and coordination.

The organization recently switched to an extensive ERP-system set up to serve as CRM-system, which is an expensive and time consuming investment. Within the system, meetings are set up and information is sent to the website’s Content Management Systeem (CMS). The CMS also forwards online registrations for meetings to the CRM-system.

This organization and its marketing strategy was presented with a few crucial needs, such as:

  1. The possibility to display and steer KPI’s by means of a dashboard.
  2. The possibility of automated evaluation after every meeting.
  3. The possibility of automated “nurturing” of clients after registration.
  4. The possibility to enrich client data in order to improve the customer journey.

Due to its ERP-character, the current system did not have sufficient possibilies to obtain this. After a thourough analysis, Made chose to add a Marketing Automation System and a dashboard tool to the existing ecosystem.
The underlying argument being the restriction of the dependency of the general CRM-system, which could only be used for storage and basic processing of data and processes due to its lack of intelligence. The Marketing Automation covers the CRM- system and intelligently processes data. Moreover, it enables the linking of other data sources such as Google Analytics.

Made Data Solutions Klantcase

KPI’s can be displayed by means of the dashboard software, which enables us to turn sources on or off and switch them for other systems without disabling (critical) processes. This way, data can in addition be enriched in order to better understand and advance the customer journey.

In conclusion, Made chooses the right systems based on the organization and its needs and further contributes to the implementation, configuration and installation of processes. For our clients this is extremely exciting and valuable. For us it is very thrilling to do and be able to make this kind of impact.