Bring your campaigns to a higher level with the help of relevant data

Our Made2Know platform is constantly fed with data from external sources, campaigns and research data. The great thing about this is that we are able to create new data from existing data by means of smart algorithms. These data allow us to act faster, analyze more accurately and target even better within our campaigns. This combines a fast time to market (TTM) with extraordinary results.

Made2know, our intelligent data platform

Thanks to our unique Made2Know platform, we retain exclusive and extensive information about various markets and branches. The Made2Know data platform is constantly updated with market, campaign and research data. These data give us exclusive information about specific markets, target audiences and products, which in turn allows us to target on a more specific level for our clients.

k Records

Branch data

Exclusive data from branches such as travel, health, energy, education and retail.
Broad purpose


The collected data on Made2Know are used for marketing campaigns, job marketing, market research and improving new algorithms.
ML with AI


Combining Machine Learning with Artificial Intelligence, Made2Know is constantly improving its own platform.
Sales Made

Lead generation

We have generated more than 400,000 leads through Made2Know. And we couldn’t be more proud.

API Projects

We also employ Made2Know for larger projects and/or for improving certain applications that have a positive impact on the quality of people’s day-to-day life.


Combining Made2Know and the artificial intelligence of Made2Max delivers the best campaign results.

Would you like to get to know Made?

We believe in the power of a good and open conversation. We’d love to hear what your organization does, what it stands for and which challenges may lie ahead. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a talk, without any commitment. We’ll take it from there.

How to recognize Made

Some of our values might be rather surprising and others are not. This is what we stand for.

Partner mentality

We religiously believe in being a partner instead of a supplier. Our approach and way of communicating with our clients is based on working both for and with them.


Made consciously does not associate itself with specific systems or brands. This means we are capable of giving the best (technical) solution that fits your organisation’s needs. We do not believe in one perfect system, but a perfectly designed ecosystem.


We love to leave a good impression with our carefully composed reports. We strive to deliver the best presentations: both strong in content and visually sharp. We strongly believe that data should be visualized in the best way possible.


Somewhat obvious, but equally strange if we didn’t mention it here. Made is indeed defined by its data-driven character. We cannot emphasize enough how much we live for data.


All our associates are professionals with an exceptional knowledge of their areas of expertise. Almost all of our colleagues perform research within their fields.

Creating value

In everything we do, we aim to create value for the organization. Sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly as our work contributes to a greater whole.
Made2Know & Made2Max

Our Made2Know platform is actively used for future analyses and serves as a database for crucial strategic decisions.
We particularly distinguish ourselves by combining our Made2Know platform with our innovative AI-technology Made2Max. Based on advanced algorithms, Made2Max makes accurate analyses and campaign predictions, allowing it to launch and adjust campaigns at the right time. As it is self-learning, it knows exactly which target audience matches a campaign. Hence the name Made2Max: maximum performance and maximum results. Therefore we, as data, knowledge and technology enthusiasts, are very proud of our data platform.

To preserve the integrity of our data and platform, Made2Know is only accessible for our clients. Organizations making use of Made campaigns automatically adopt Made2Know and Made2Max. These organizations include some of the largest retail brands and leading care and educational institutions from the Netherlands and Belgium. Interesting fact: more than half of our customers converted from traditional marketing bureaus and thus traditional campaigns. Would you like to know more about Made2Know and/or Made2Max? Our data strategist would love to tell you more about our platform and what Made could mean to your organization.