Made Research

Organizations frequently ask Made to conduct data research. This research is often limited to a specific market, target audience, prediction, product or internally built data.

Such research is usually accompanied by a clear-cut goal. It could be that an organization simply wishes to acquire more knowledge about a specific subject through data research. It could well be that the planned research critically contributes to strategic decision making. When you trust Made with your research, it directly leads to more organizational value and lays a solid foundation for making important management decisions.

We firmly believe that it is necessary for a company to conduct clean research on various crucial moments. In our experience, the organizations that follow this philosophy are often leading and trendsetting compared to their competitors.

Would you like to know more about Made Research?

We believe in the power of a good and open conversation. We’d love to hear what your organization does, what it stands for and which challenges may lie ahead. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a talk, without any commitment. We’ll take it from there.

Made2know, the force behind our research

As a data-driven company, we are convinced of having the duty to frequently conduct qualitative research. This entails that we are constantly researching various markets, branches, products and services.
The results of our data research are collected on our Made2Know data platform. Through this platform we are able to efficiently serve organizations and markets.

We believe we make the difference in the unique knowledge that we build. Knowledge that we can apply to e.g. data research, campaigns, product solutions or digital strategies. We also regularly publish the results of our research in a whitepaper. We aim to publish this in an accessible way as to make it legible and useful for any organization.


Branch data

Exclusive data from branches such as travel, care, entertainment, education and retail.


The collected data on Made2Know are used for marketing campaigns, job marketing, market research and improving new algorithms.


Combining Machine Learning with Artificial Intelligence, Made2Know is constantly improving its own platform.

Lead generation

We have generated more than 400,000 leads through Made2Know. And we couldn’t be more proud.

API Projects

We also employ Made2Know for larger projects and/or for improving certain applications that have a positive impact on the quality of people’s day-to-day life.


Combining Made2Know and the artificial intelligence of Made2Max delivers the best campaign results.
Research by specialists

All of our research is conducted by specialists with the right background. Everything we do is oriented on achieving the best results for your organization.

All of Made’s research is conducted and overseen by specialists with a background in business and IT, which allows us to focus on both the business aspect as the technical side and generates a high value and usefulness of our research and reports. Our specialists follow up on the latest trends and know what is expected from you as a company. 

Based on your preferences, demands and our own input, we strive to achieve the maximum performance for your organization.

Would you like to know more about Made Research and the possibilities for your organization? Don’t hesitate to contact us, without any commitment. One of our specialists will gladly confer with you and review all options.