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‘MADE’ stands for Marketing and Data Engineers. As marketing and data engineers, we concern ourselves with designing, analyzing, monitoring and optimizing data, systems, campaigns and business processes.

Our main goal is to improve the value of your company: by improving revenue, efficiency or even both. As marketing and data engineers, we serve a strategic function in terms of digital transformation, as we are the connection between technology and business. Relying on data, we innovate and transform. Made is independent of systems, suppliers or brands: data are our only concern. This is why we are capable of analyzing and designing systems, campaigns and processes with only one goal: to serve your organisation.

Do it. Make it. Made it.
Data are at the center of all that we do, but data are not a goal. Data are often the source or the instruments with which we reach a higher goal. We do this by means of using data-driven campaigns, implementing data-driven solutions, data research and composing digital strategies. We do this for companies in such diverse industries as energy, care, pharma, retail and education.
Powerful and successful campaigns. All data driven.
Made performs on a regular basis researches in the areas of market trends, products and services.
Data solutions
We automate every business process, every customer journey with the best fitting technology.
Digital strategy
We say goodbye to old business models and make new technologies an intrinsic part of your new value proposition.
How to recognize Made

Some of our values might be rather surprising and others are not. This is what we stand for.

Partner mentality

We religiously believe in being a partner instead of a supplier. Our approach and way of communicating with our clients is based on working both for and with them.


Made consciously does not associate itself with specific systems or brands. This means we are capable of giving the best (technical) solution that fits your organisation’s needs. We do not believe in one perfect system, but a perfectly designed ecosystem.


We love to leave a good impression with our carefully composed reports. We strive to deliver the best presentations: both strong in content and visually sharp. We strongly believe that data should be visualized in the best way possible.


Somewhat obvious, but equally strange if we didn’t mention it here. Made is indeed defined by its data-driven character. We cannot emphasize enough how much we live for data.


All our associates are professionals with an exceptional knowledge of their areas of expertise. Almost all of our colleagues perform research within their fields.

Creating value

In everything we do, we aim to create value for the organization. Sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly as our work contributes to a greater whole.

Would you like to get to know Made?

We believe in the power of a good and open conversation. We’d love to hear what your organization does, what it stands for and which challenges may lie ahead. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a talk, without any commitment. We’ll take it from there.

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