Made Care Engineers. Builders within healthcare.
Whereas marketeers often need to look outside-in, we see things a little differently in healthcare. By standing with both feet in the field of care and experiencing the challenges from within, we can
understand it better.

Together with its partners, Made has various solutions to assist healthcare organizations in their fight against daily healthcare issues. Examples include recruiting and selecting the right people for the right position, for which we work together with the best experts. But we also look at healthcare at a very strategic level. By means of big data algorithms, we help HR departments of healthcare organizations to make better predictions and give more control over the required capacity and recruitment. This is just the tip of the iceberg. When it comes to care, Made is very involved and we
are constantly working on better algorithms to fight well against the care issue that affects us all (sooner or later). This way, together we build better care for everyone.

Do it. Make it. Made it.

Make a real difference now and make an impact in healthcare by using the services and expertise of Made. As a healthcare organization, view how our services work and how we can be of value to y

Data-drive campaigns and employer branding campaigns that will contribute to a more powerful healthcare organization.
Made engages in research on different levels of healthcare. Within and outside of healthcare organizations.
Making smart and innovative use of data will put you ahead as a healthcare organization.
Tech Strategy
Say goodbye to old business models and make technology part of your new value proposition as a healthcare organization.
Why care. Why Made.

The commitment between Made and healthcare and how healthcare institutions commit to Made.

Healthcare is a vital part of our society. It is essential that the quality of our care is guaranteed. The special thing about care is that it is all for people and it is done by people. All healthcare issues are therefore also connected to people. We often claim that without people there are no data. Looking at healthcare, we soon realized that Made can make a difference with its services. A conservative market that runs on and for people benefits greatly from the right technological solutions. Together with and for healthcare organizations and partners, we work on better healthcare on a daily basis. We are very proud of this and we are very ambitious with our plans to truly and thoroughly improve healthcare. Our experience is that sometimes care organizations no longer see the forest for the trees.
With many operational challenges every day, we see that healthcare institutions often find it difficult to step out of the daily cycle. With many organizations that would like to take advantage of the problems in healthcare lurking about, it is extra difficult for healthcare institutions to determine what works and what doesn’t – certainly with the tight budgets that these institutions have to deal with. Made believes in a long-term approach in which you effectively solve the problems together with the care institution. Through smart technology and data, you do not have to gamble as an organization and you can achieve success. This means success as a care organization and success with the (improved quality) care that is provided.

Would you like to know what Made can mean for your healthcare organization?

We believe in the power of a good and open conversation. We’d love to hear what the challenges are for your healthcare organization. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a talk, without any commitment. We’ll take it from there.

What we stand for

This is what you can expect from us.

Your healthcare partner

We believe in a complete approach together with the healthcare organization. We therefore do not see ourselves as a supplier, but as a partner. This means that we go for a long-term approach and relationship. This involves a different way of thinking, working and communicating.


Made consciously does not associate itself with specific systems or brands. This means we are capable of giving the best (technical) solution that fits your organisation’s needs. We do not believe in one perfect system, but a perfectly designed ecosystem.


We love to leave a good impression with our carefully composed reports. We strive to deliver the best presentations: both strong in content and visually sharp. We strongly believe that data should be visualized in the best way possible. A well-written report will give your healthcare organization more insight, a better understanding and a firmer grasp.

Data-driven care

Made is characterized by its data-driven approach. In a sector where everything revolves around people, we can use data to better understand, reach and motivate people.


At Made, we regularly conduct research about healthcare. We constantly talk to healthcare professionals. We really only work with real experts with an exceptional knowledge of healthcare.

Creating Value

In everything we do, we aim to create more value for the healthcare organization. Sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly as our work contributes to a greater whole. We always aspire to create more value.